Leahs Gedanken

...sind hier und dort und überall...


Despite writing most of my blog in German it feels much easier to write my about page in English. So here it is:

Hi! I’m Leah.

I’m a queer woman who is into infrastructure, photography, communications and well… other women ;) 🏳️‍🌈.

I’ve studied informatics and finished my master in the end of 2018. Currently I’m the operations team lead at uberspace, a small, mainly remote working, hoster focused on technical freedom of their users.

From 2013 until late 2018 I build the Freifunk Rhein-Neckar Community Wifi Network together with some friends. In the end it had more than 900 access nodes in the region. After that period my friends and I retired from the project because of decreasing community engagement, dissensions and a lack of the immense time the project consumed.

Since 2013 I’m also part of the organization team of the MRMCD conference. An annual conference of the chaos community in Darmstadt with an focus on IT-Security.

It is included in all that that I really like to bring people together and enable them to communicate either in a personal and technical way. Therefore I try to reduce complexity in all my work and projects.

Speaking of projects, together with rixx I provide a mastodon instance called chaos.social for parts of the chaos community.

And if I’m not busy with one of the above or I want to relax a bit I love to go hiking, read a good book or do some photography. You could find a selection of my image on my flickr account.

Because German law demands a way to send me paper stuff here it is:

Leah Oswald
Fichtestr. 75
69469 Weinheim

If you want to reach me in a sane and electronic way you can write me from any mastodon instance to leah@chaos.social or send me a mail to: blog at leahoswald dot de.